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GPL was released by Papyrus in October 1998. It was at the time the culmination of 9 years of experimenting to create the most realistic physics engine ever. And even after 6 and a half years at the time of writing it is still the best. Only SCEI have come close with their marvellous Gran Turismo 4 for the PlayStation. GPL is a proper race simulator. There's no easy mode, even the low power Novice Trainer is pretty potent. The learning curve is steep, it's difficult and it's thrilling, what more could you want from a PC racing game? Excuse me, Simulator.

In 2005, GPL looks very different to its 1998 form, thanks to a faithful online community constantly updating the cars and tracks. Visit the links on the left to sample the best it has to offer.

And don't forget GPL Rank.

In time I will update this page with information on available mods, driving 'lessons' and other stuff.

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