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Belle-Isle Full Circuit
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Next up is Markets Kink. Approach it from reasonably far to the right of the track. Not so far that by the time you get there you'll never be able to make the apex due to the distance you've travelled forward in getting to the right, but far enough to be able to just ease off the throttle and gently ease the car into the corner. On a really committed lap you can actually get your inside wheels right up on the kerb for the first apex - brushing right past the hay bales, but in the race you'll want to give the kerbs a slightly wider berth. Pretty much as soon as you've made the apex you'll want to hit the brakes again for the next corner, Stag Bend. Try your best to stay off the kerb on the exit of Markets Kink as it makes braking very difficult for Stag, but like with Wakefield corner you can minimise the amount of braking you need to do by making an early turn in. On the apex of Stag Bend there's a bump which can catch the unwary, but once you're safely over it you can get hard on the gas and use some of the exit kerb. If like me you're a bit of a looney when hotlapping you can always ignore the bump and try and hold onto the slide hitting the bump while on the gas produces. It is actually a bit quicker...

There's now a short straight (Rundle Road) which leads up to a quick right hander called Brewery Bend. Get right up along side the concrete wall on the left, and then brake and downshift to third on entry, just easing it over to apex and then hammering the throttle again. Try your best to avoid the kerb on the exit but clattering over the end of it won't cost you anything.
Down the straight you go, relax your arms a bit, wiggle your feet or whatever else it is you do while on a long straight (good for taking a sip from your tea as well ;-)). At the end the groove widens out a bit, and you should start braking on the left most portion of it. You need to get the car slowed right down and take the long line round into a very late apex. You might need to short-shift to 2nd on the exit to minimise wheel spin.

Next is a technical left hander. Its in three parts, a gentle left, a tighter left and another gentle left. Worse still the road narrows suddenly as you head into it, so you need to move to the middle of the road whilst still in second gear and then brake sharply and turn through the first bit, and then brake slightly harder but equally sharply for the second bit, and do your best to make the apex. If you apex too early, you'll be in the gravel on the exit, if you apex too late you probably went in a bit too slow, but in race trim you tell me which is preferable ;-)

The next two corners are relatively straight forward on paper but harder to get right in practice.
The first right hander can be taken flat out, but I always lift, because it makes braking for the final corner so much easier. Just make sure you use some of the kerbing on the inside.

The final corner is very frustrating. Its probably the slowest on the track (I've never verified that). You need to brake in an absolutely straight line and get all your braking done before the corner starts, even if like me you like 'alien' differential and brake bias settings so you can trail brake, throttle or both. I don't really know why, but whether you make the apex properly or not doesn't seem to matter. It's probably because making the apex means a tighter exit, whereas missing it and cutting back in a little towards the end of the corner loses you some time in the middle of the corner but helps you get a much better exit.

So that's a lap of Adelaide. The benchmark for the Historic Rank is a mid 1:33 I think, but you should find that one of the easier to crack. If you are just negative in GPL Rank I'd suggest you aim for a 1:32 at least, if not more.

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